Urban Shogun  
Urban Shogun Pack Game Disc Street Team Deluxe  
Urban Shogun Set
The complete series! All issues signed.
Issues 0-3: The Character Guide, The Dragon Clan Collection, The Venom Clan Collection, and the latest issue!
$24 (+ $7.50 Shipping)
Street Team: The Game
Game disc - PC only
1-2 Players
Play as Tiger, Crane, or one of the Street Team!
Suitable for ages 12 and up. Preview Video
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Street Team Deluxe Disc

Disc includes the game + PDF copies of Street Team #0 and the Street Team Universe Guide

$17.50 (+ $2.50 Shipping)

Full Set Full Set
Character Guide
The Clean Sweep!
The ultimate collection! All issues signed.
Urban Shogun 1, 2, 3 + Character Guide
Street Team #0 + Universe Guide
Street Team Vide Game (boxed)
$50 ( + $10 Shipping)

African American Independent Comics, Art and Culture

Curated and compiled by John Jennings and Damian Duffy. Includes the work of more that 50 artists and writers of the independent comics movement
(including Mase!)
Hardcover, 175 pages. Signed.
$45 (+ $10.00 Shipping)
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Urban Shogun Comics

A comprehensive guide to the main heroes, villians and locations of the Urban Shogun universe.

Digital Download:
Peep Game Comix



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Dragon Clan Venom Clan Things Fall Apart  

Urban Shogun Volume I
The Dragon Clan Collection
Collecting the online and minicomic series in full color for the first time!
Includes Wrath of the Tiger, Rival Schools, Phobia and other stories.

Urban Shogun Volume II
The Venom Clan Collection
A collection of stories involving the bad boys of Kung Fu: The Venom Clan!
Includes Enter the Venom, Kung Fu Hustlin', Misdirection and The Big Payback.
Urban Shogun #3
Things Fall Apart
Promises are broken, lines are crossed and allegiances are questioned in the turning point for the Urban Shogun series!
Includes Ambush and Things Fall Apart.
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